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Home Interiors Flooring uses Wedi Pre-sloped Shower Pans in conjunction with Wedi Backerboard on all of their shower installations. Most contractors will pack their own mud showers manually.  Wedi Pre-sloped Shower Pans have many advantages over the traditional mud packed shower. Here are some of them:

1 - Quicker Installation - Get a shower installed in 2 days vs a whole week

2 - Less dependent on installer skill level - Everyone was a beginner at one time

3 - Manufactured slope to the drain - this slope is not "eyeballed" but instead pitched to manufacturer tolerances. Eliminating any pooling of water on a shower floor.

4 - Manufacturer applied waterproofing - Less prone to installer error and since it comes preapplied it also speeds up installation.

5 - One Piece Pan - Because Wedi Shower Pans come in one piece there are less opportunities for a failure/leak. Making it easier to diagnose any problem in the future (although there shouldn't be one).

6 - Mold Proof - Wedi Pans and Backerboard are all mold proof.

7 - Manufacturer Warranty - Because the Preslope shower pans are Manufactured vs built on site they come with a Limited 10 Year Warranty.

8 - DIY friendly - A shower installation is a complex job but for those Mr Fix-its out there, Wedi is the most complete and mistake proof system available.  Not to mention it doesn't require a wide range of tools or supplies to get the job done.

9 - Green - A lot of water and material is wasted during a mud pack installation.

10 - Did I say fast? Well maybe I need to say it again. Wedi showers are much faster than the traditional mudpacked shower.  See for yourself.