Installation Spotlight : LVT vs. Ceramic Tile

Premixed Grout
Many Luxury Vinyl Tiles have the option to be grouted.  It's when they are grouted that LVT really shines.  We use a premixed ready-to-use acryllic grout that never needs to be sealed and is color consistant.  When grouted LVT becomes much less distinguishable from it's ceramic tile counterpart.  And because this grout is premixed it is great for aspiring DIYers.   

Releasable Adhesive
Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles are installed using "pressure sensitive" adhesive also known as "releasable" adhesive.  This type of adhesive is great for repairs, since it gives you the option of removing one tile at a time.  Unlike Ceramic tile which is bonded using mortar (basically concrete) and is costly and messy to remove.

DIY product
There are multiple factors that make this product a great alternative for DIYers.  One there aren't a lot of tools needed to install this product and the ones that are needed are the simple less expensive kinc. Secondly, the grouts and thinsets are all premixed making this installation more time sensitive and giving it less room for error.  Finally, mistakes can happen and if they do this product is much easier and cheaper to correct.


Premixed Grout