Carpet Installation : Kool Glide Seaming Iron

Kool Glide

NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers)

New Product of the Year

Kool Glide seaming takes the smoky mess out of installation. The Kool Glide Seaming Iron is a revolutionary award winning new seaming technology that makes difficult carpet installations simple, clean, and fast. Because the tool never gets hot and never touches the glue the problems with hot iron seaming are eliminated. You get flatter seams without the hassles commonly associated with hot iron seaming: fumes, smoke, glue drips, carpet discoloration, burns, and speed bumps.

This also means that the Kool Glide system is environmentally safer and better for your family's health. That's why all Home Interiors' Carpet seams are Kool Glide Seams.

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